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A successful landing page is one that will not only engage customers but help turn leads into sales.

Producing a professional landing page isn’t easy, however.

According to statistics from Marketing Sherpa, 64% of businesses said that landing pages are the most effective way to test value proposition, while 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate new sales.

Just 48% of firms were savvy enough to write a new landing page for each marketing campaign.

The above statistics serve to highlight just how important landing pages are when it comes to customer acquisition.

However, despite the importance of using landing pages as part of a digital marketing strategy, there is evidence that few businesses get it right.

A separate survey from Wishpond found that the average conversion rate for a B2B landing page is 13.28%, while the average for B2C is just 9.87%.

Why is this?

Well one of the top customer complaints when it comes to landing pages is that they require the customer to enter too much information when registering their interest in a product or service.

The second most common mistakes are landing pages that contain no specific call to action, with 48% of landing pages containing multiple offers.

Other common copywriting mistakes that businesses use when writing up landing pages is that they use too much text.

Statistically, you only have 5 seconds to capture the attention of a visitor. If you have too much text on a page, this can be confusing and is likely to turn a visitor off.

Insufficient headlines, failing to test and tweak landing pages, slow loading times and lack of site credibility are all of the other factors that can turn a potential customer off.

And yet these are mistakes that businesses continually make.

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