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The number of email users is estimated to be around 4.1 billion and yet many businesses are failing to engage their email subscribers properly – if at all.

Every brand needs a carefully planned email marketing strategy that perfectly aligns with their service. 

Remember, your target audience uses email, and probably checks their inbox every day.

At Markateur, we help businesses deliver impactful messages that improve conversion rates and increase lifetime customer value. 

Our professional email marketing teams take the time to get to know you and your products or services. The end results are powerful and impactful email marketing campaigns that will resonate with your customers and prospects.


Akbars is a family retail giant that owns a string of Asian stores and restaurants across Europe. While they used email marketing to keep customers updated, they were struggling to achieve sales. 

They chose to partner with Markateur. After redesigning their email templates and upgrading their content, we achieved the following:

Increased Sales

– 291.8% overall increase in revenue
– More than 100 new online restaurant bookings
– 91% increase in online store sales

Higher Open rates

– 42% average email open rates, which represents a 35% increase
– The higher open rates were directly correlated with an increase in sales.


Higher CTR rate

– We revamped the marketing strategy to create more engaging subject lines, and templates to increase the Clickthrough rate.
– The end result was a 9.5% average CTR rate, up from 3.2%

why do you need email marketing?


Remove time and location barriers to communication. Automated emails work even as you rest.

Increase Engagement

Stay connected with consumers by updating them on current offers, news and trends.


Increase sales by sending timely reminders on abandoned carts and new products.

Boost ROI

Email marketing increases sales and revenue while inbuilt insights can demonstrate ROI in real-time.


We create unique email marketing services that are tailored
to your business needs. 

Our team of in house creatives combine powerful messaging and sophisticated analytics with an authentic understanding of your target audience to increase engagement and ROI.

At Markateur, you can be sure that your team will take the time to understand your brand, target audience, goals and values. 


Our email marketing services boosts your ROI in record time

Develop Customer Personas

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optimise opt-in forms

segment your subscriber list

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Produce influential and compelling copy

produce powerful website copy

design irresistible email templates

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produce impactful marketing campaigns

Test and measure results


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what's so special about us?

Any marketing agencies can knock out an email marketing campaign. But it takes a truly special company to get results and boost your ROI.

Time Managment

No two clients are the same which is why we provide bespoke and custom email campaigns that are uniquely tailored to your brand. We channel your belief and passion in your brand with unparalleled support and creativity to deliver effective email campaigns that work.

Knowledgeable Team

At Markateur, you’re in safe hands. Our teams hold the highest certifications possible in the industry, with many years of experience behind them. You’ll be secure in the knowledge that you have a powerful team of in-house experts working to improve the profitability of your campaign.

Reasonable Prices

Our prices are transparent, reasonable and affordable. Say goodbye to excess ‘management fees’ and outdated pricing structures. Say hello to cost-effective marketing strategies regardless of the service you choose. Our prices are fixed and we don’t try to tie you into long-term contracts.


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