Latest SEO News and Digital Media Industry Trends

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We have rounded up the latest SEO news and digital media industry trends to highlight some of the major changes in the world of Google, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

New features are being rolled out all the time, which impacts the way advertisers promote products to their target audience. Read on for our recap of the latest launches, SEO updates, and social media features.

Why Content Is Not Always King In Google Land

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Taking a blanket approach to the latest SEO news and digital media industry trends is not the best approach when it comes to those coveted Google search rankings. Instead, prioritizing the right pages and ensuring content is up-to-date and relevant is far more likely to help you climb the ranks. 

A case study highlighted by Search Engine Land demonstrates this point rather well. SEO agency represented a law firm based in Florida. The company had set up dozens of boilerplate service area pages targeting social security disability terms. Despite having so many pages, the client was not pulling in traffic to the website. 

After Sterling Sky redirected and then deleted many irrelevant pages with no links, no traffic, and was not adding value to the site, the law firm shot up in rankings. 

The case study highlights the fact that quality definitely matters more than quantity when it comes to marketing.

YouTube Feature Makes Ad Products More Shoppable

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YouTube is introducing a new, interactive advertising feature which will make it easier for users to find out more about products they are interested in.

The feature, called brand extensions, will allow YouTube viewers to learn more about a product they see on the screen with a click of a button.

YouTube’s new updates will allow advertisers to highlight their website link or another call-to-action in their connected TV video ad. Viewers will be able to click the option “send to phone” and access the promotion or URL directly to their mobile device without interrupting their viewing experience.

The feature will also be able to intelligently target the ads to the correct audience based on the video content.

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Google Uses AI to Fight Spam in Latest SEO Updates

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Google is using AI bots to combat spam

Google is rolling out a series of new AI tools to help fight spam, it has been announced. 

Its spam-fighting algorithms were focused on sensitive searches that are essential to users, like those related to important topics like finding medical testing sites.

Many spammers will hack a site and add malware that creates new pages with links to other sites.

To address this issue, Google has created AI technology that increases its ability to detect spam and reduce it by 50%.  

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Twitter Acquires Scroll

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Twitter has acquired scroll

Twitter has recently acquired Scroll, a subscription-based service that removes ads from news sites. 

The move brings the social media giant one step closer to developing a subscription service that it intends to launch in the future. 

As a result, Scroll is no longer accepting new signups, although existing users will still be able to access its services. The service allows users to get fast, ad-free access to hundreds of top news sites for $5 a month.

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Instagram Adds New Captions Options to Videos

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Instagram has announced the launch of new Captions options to its videos that will allow users to watch videos without needing to switch the sound on.

This means that creators can convert speech to text when they record a new video using the Stories or Reels Camera in the Instagram app or select a video to upload from their phone’s gallery. Content creators will also be able to edit the style, position of the caption, and the text and colour, so it matches your content.

The feature currently applies to videos and will later apply to reels. It is available in English-speaking countries but will later be rolled out to other countries and languages.

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