Latest SEO News and Digital Media Industry Trends

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We have rounded up the latest SEO news and digital media industry trends to highlight some of the major changes in the world of Google, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  New features are being rolled out all the time, which impacts the way advertisers promote products to their target audience. Read[…]

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Top Digital Marketing Industry Trends in March 2021

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No two days are the same in the world of marketing, and it seems that new updates are introduced every day.  We help you navigate the world of marketing and the flurry of new digital marketing industry trends by gathering some of the latest snapshots from social media and Google.[…]

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8 ways to generate leads quickly

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Why many SMEs struggle to generate leads Finding clients is the single biggest challenge that most entrepreneurs face, especially when they’re starting out. The problem is that what works for some companies may not always work for others. Sometimes entrepreneurs end up being stuck in a rut, where the old[…]

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The secrets of persuasive marketing

“a confused mind, never buys while a confused seller never sells” Anon Have you ever had one of those annoying emails drop into your inbox, with a great subject line, but when you open it up, it is full of, well, junk? We are all familiar with sales jargon, exaggerated and[…]

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5 ways to utilize technology when hiring sales reps

There is nothing worse than spending time and money on hiring new sales representatives that can do everything except..selling. The awkwardness of having to hire then fire staff members who are simply not performing as expected is a minefield for employers. Anyone who has ever tried to hire decent salespeople[…]

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