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Markateur: The number 1 marketing agency in Leeds

Markateur is a blockchain marketing agency in Leeds that specialises in fintech companies and travel tech firms. We also write copy on behalf of one-man bands and community groups.

We started out as a local copywriting and PR agency in Leeds and have since expanded to a national consultancy which attracts clients from all over the UK. We are a boutique marketing agency with the skill set and client base of a global PR company.

Markateur is the brainchild of PR guru Adam Smith and has been representing clients from all over the UK.

Our copywriting services includes blogs, adverts, landing pages, press releases, white papers and many more.

We also create powerful and imaginative PR campaigns on behalf of clients and help our customers to increase their ROI on events.

Proofreading and copy-editing is another service we offer to our clients and we are proud to state that we have helped hundreds of clients to reach their goals by boosting the quality of what they write.

Why YOUR BUSINESS needs an online marketing agency such as Markateur

Copywriting is an essential – and yet neglected – part of online marketing. No matter how good your products or service is if you can’t write in an imaginative and persuasive way that motivates someone to pick up their wallet or pick up a pen and sign up to your service then what you have written has not been effective.

Bottom line is if whatever you write and promote to consumers is not persuasive enough to help consumers take action, then you need a copywriting service like ours.

We have been immensely successful in helping businesses and individuals to reach their goals by writing powerful and persuasive copy in a way that is proven to motivate their target audiences to support their enterprise. We can do the same for you too.

No matter how good your services are, the words you use needs to be specially adapted to your target audience and persuasive enough to get them to see the benefits of what you offer.

At Markateur, we guarantee that clients will be in a much better position to beat their rivals and sell products once we have produced content for them.

Marketing is at the heart of what we do, and our aim is to provide clients with a strategic PR and consultancy service which has a significant and measurable impact on their business.

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Most of the early campaigns we did, were for British companies that have offices in France, hence the French take on our name Markateur.

Our direct links with local TV, radio and news media in the city, means that we are able to provide a ready-made audience of thousands as well as a platform for your business. With us, we can guarantee from the get-go that you’ll be receiving a professional, reliable and friendly service from experience PR people who have all had a background in journalism or copywriting.

Let’s be clear here. We’re not about writing boring pieces of blatant advertising jargon that will have consumers reaching for the remote, or turning the page – our approach is a unique one. We not only help to build your image and reputation through one-time campaigns but we also work by continuously keeping you at the top of the news agenda by marketing your products in a way that will be of interest to journalists and PR people.

Marketing services

Marketing services we offer include  writing bespoke stories, producing a range of different marketing material for our clients, PR and content marketing campaigns, press releases, features, blogs and biographies.

As well as helping with content management and editorials, we also distribute press releases and stories on behalf of clients. In addition, we source images and give press comment on behalf of businesses and organisations.