Top Digital Marketing Industry Trends in March 2021

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No two days are the same in the world of marketing, and it seems that new updates are introduced every day. 

We help you navigate the world of marketing and the flurry of new digital marketing industry trends by gathering some of the latest snapshots from social media and Google.

Read on to discover more about what’s new in the world of Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook and Google!

Tik Tok Introduces New Comment Controls (endgadget)

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Tik Tok users will now be able to filter comments

Tik Tok has taken the world by storm with its funny dancing videos that got us all through the lockdown.

And now a new feature will allow brands to add comment controls and have more autonomy on how their videos are promoted.

The feature allows content creators to approve or deny comments and filter new comments that appear on their clips.

Tik Tok says the controls will allow creators to prevent misinformation and stop bullying.

For more information, check out the full article on endgadget.

New Twitter Feature Allows Users To Share Visual Background When Sharing Fleet Tweets

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Twitter has introduced new features that allow content creators to approve or deny comments

Twitter is becoming more and more visual, thanks to a new tool that allows users to add a background visual when sharing Tweets in fleets.

The new feature means that when a user goes to share a tweet via Fleets, they are then able to add in either an already captured image/video as a background or create a new one, which can add more context to a fleet response. 

Currently, users can only use a default, coloured Fleet background whenever they share a Tweet.

This could help brands enhance their Fleet engagement options.

For more information, check out the full article on Social Media Today.

Google My Business Releases Too To Help Brands See Reviews

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Businesses can now see all of the reviews under their listings from a single place

Google My Business has announced a new tool to help local businesses see recent reviews on their listings in a single place.

The feature also allows them to check the status of reviews they reported to Google.

Previously, there was no way to see the status of reviews that were submitted for a takedown in an organized fashion.

Brands can click on a review to see more of a summary and even submit an appeal if your takedown request was not accepted.

For more information, check out the full article Search Engine Land.

Instagram Users Will Soon be Able to Share Reels With Facebook (SocialMediaToday)

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Instagram will be able to share reels with Facebook

Facebook is beta testing a new tool that allows Instagram users to share their reels to both platforms. The move comes after Facebook launched Reels in India last July. 

This means that users will see the short clips on their Facebook feeds. The tool is designed to encourage more content creators to share content to Instagram and this will expand the potential reach of Reels.

For more information, check out the full article on SocialMediaToday.

Google Announces Full Coverage News Feature For Search Results

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Google has introduced a Full Coverage News Feature that allows users to see an expanded view of news stories on the search engine

Google users will be able to browse in-depth news coverage on a range of subjects, it has been announced.

The new feature will allow users to access top news, in-depth pieces, explainers, local headlines and more under Full Coverage News.

This will give users a real-time, “360-degree view” of news stories and topics that works in a different way from personalized news feeds. 

The feature means that everyone will see the same content in full coverage.

Read more about this feature on Google’s blog.

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