Steve Morris

This is a testimonial produced by one of our clients Steve Morris, who was proud of the work carried out by Janine Griffiths, who worked for our digital marketing agency based in Leeds.

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The secrets of influential marketing

“a confused mind, never buys while a confused seller never sells” Anon Have you ever had one of those annoying emails drop into your inbox, with a great subject line, but when you open it up, it is full of, well, junk? We are all familiar with sales jargon, exaggerated and[…]

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Death of the hardsell?

Selling less will probably sound counterintuitive to many businesses. Afterall, why would you sell less? Nowadays, with the residue of the recession still lingering for many hard-up business owners, the thought of withdrawing from the sales mentality may seem a little crazy. But what if I told you that is[…]

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