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  • Markateur are experts in producing high quality white papers designed to reach your specific goals
  • Let us help you showcase your skills, generate press coverage and attract customers through our award-winning white paper writing service
  • Our unique, professional graphic design service will help to give your white paper an edge
  • Markateur caters to businesses big and small and provide different packages to meet your needs
  • White papers have a high conversion rate due to their educational content

They may not be sexy, they may not be exciting and they may be costly, but there is no doubt that white papers can dramatically propel your brand image and reputation in a way that other pieces of content can’t.

The algorithm updates by Google have penalised sites with low-quality content and the realisation suddenly hit home for many firms that you can’t provide content designed solely for search anymore.

Now the websites that provide value are turning the Google stakes firmly in their favour and you don’t get more value than you do with a white paper.

With white papers you can educate, promote and generate leads all at the same time, whilst building up trust rapidly among your customer base.

This is why our copywriters at Markateur, dedicate so much time and commitment to producing high quality white papers that do all of that and more.

Now white papers are invariably one of the more expensive products that we provide here at Markateur but the money and ROI will be well worth the investment.

Our award-winning B2B copywriters will write, illustrate and plan your white papers from start to finish.

Whether your goal is to position yourself as an expert in your industry, get more sales, generate leads or promote your services, we can help you to achieve all of that and more.

Markateur have produced white papers on behalf of some of the UK’s biggest industries and we also provide more affordable alternatives for small and growing firms too.

Producing a white paper could help to spread expertise and build brand image.

Creating informative, comprehensive and market-leading content, can help to build trust and credibility in your brand and set you apart as a specialist in your industry.

Even without the addition of promotional material in your white paper, you can still generate leads indirectly as it will showcase your expertise.

White papers are also a great way to build your mailing list in a number of different ways, especially if you use it as part of an offer.

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