Corporate blogs crucial in business promotion

Corporate blogs can help businesses to promote themselves and engage with customers, according to a new survey. Recent research by Percussion Software revealed that blogs play a critical role in helping companies create compelling content for engaging consumers. But their analysis showed that few companies are making use of this[…]

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Firm’s must hit the web to boost business

SME’s must not underestimate the importance of their online profile, according to Google. Dan Cobley managing director of the search engine, said that small firms need to do more to engage with digital marketing. Mr Cobley who is spearheading a campaign which aims to get more Welsh companies online, said[…]

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5 top marketing tricks to boost your business

Promoting your product for the very first time can be more than a little challenging for the newcomer. However, the importance of marketing your product effectively cannot be overstated. If you want to boost your advertising skills and productivity as a brand new entrepreneur, then follow my top tips below[…]

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