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Our proofreaders UK at Markateur can help ensure that your scientific journals and documents are completed to the necessary standards

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Although articles written for publication in academic and scientific journals tend to be relatively short, the time and effort that goes into organising the material into an effective structure and designing tables, figures and appendices, is monumental.

In order for your work to be taken seriously by editors and peer reviewers, the accuracy and precision of the article must be exemplary in order to be accepted for publication.

It goes without saying that with your reputation, research and integrity of the content at stake, careful journal editing is essential and is a considerable task in its own right.

In order for your work to be accepted, quotations and citations must be accurate and include correct and thorough references, and a title, abstract and keywords that perfectly reflect the content within the article.

Of course, once you have completed your writing, you will want to check and correct your own work and even share it with colleagues who can offer some advice.

However, there is simply no substitute for using the services of a professional, academic proofreader and copy-editor, who will critique and analyse your work with the utmost precision and correct spelling or grammatical errors.

Our team will also ensure that your work is correctly formatted, structured and referenced to bring it up to the necessary standards.

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