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Press releases Leeds

Press releases are one of the hardest pieces of copy to get right. A press release has to be convincing, engaging and influential in order to persuade seasoned journalists to give it the time of day.

According to a poll that Markateur conducted in February 2017, 52% of press releases sent out by businesses fail.

Considering that the average cost of obtaining a professionally written press release costs £150 and a further £250 to distribute, getting it wrong is a costly mistake that you simply cannot afford.

Some businesses decide to attempt to produce a press release themselves – and unless the business in question is a media or marketing business, this usually fails spectacularly.

Without the correct wording, graphics, layout and style, the fate of most press releases is doomed to failure.

That’s where we come in.

Why we’re the best

At Markateur, all of our copywriting team have backgrounds in both journalism and PR, so we have an inside perspective when it comes to how to engage journalists from the very get go.

Our copywriters know exactly how to target press releases effectively to reach different audiences. We are pleased to report we have a 100% success rate when it comes to getting our clients featured in the press, trade journals or relevant websites.

In the unlikely event that we aren’t successful in getting your business featured in the media, you will be refunded the full price of the distribution costs.

Affordability is another advantage of enlisting in our copywriting service. Our prices start at just £60 for writing a press release.

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