Passion – the forgotten ingredient of marketing

One of the most challenging aspects of finding a marketing firm is hiring a company that cares as much about your product as you do.

While there are a number of big marketing firms that claim to offer you the best service, there is one key quality that you should prioritise over and above the rest – and that is passion.

If whoever is promoting your company is not every bit as passionate as you, or does not share the same vision and objectives that you do, then it is likely to be an unholy alliance.

Nowadays what grabs consumers the most isn’t flashy marketing banners, cheap promises, or glossy pictures – the real deal breaker is the passion and dedication that you can demonstrate to your given product.

And if you are using external marketing services, then the trick is to ensure that they are on the same page as you.

But first things first, what do I mean by passion and how should that feed through into your company?

Now there are many definitions of exactly what is meant by passion, but quite simply, it is the creation of a solid business concept that satisfies a need and the level of commitment a company takes to do it well.

It is not simply enough to sell goods and services to a customer. As a business, you also have to be able to prove that you will go the extra mile to go over and above the level of service expected.

That means paying attention to the little things – the welcome that a customer gets when they walk through the door, the intuitiveness of your website, the discounts and rewards you offer to your regulars and the ability to communicate with customers in their language.

Essentially, it is just the good old fashioned way of prioritising the customers needs above your own and being able to summarise entire concepts and visions within the context of an effective marketing strategy.

Successful marketers channel their passion through their brand authentically online and offline. In return, you will get a loyal following of customers who will naturally appreciate your dedication to them.

And it is easier than you think. It is not about replacing vital skills and attributes – rather it is about complimenting them and ensuring that this is conveyed to your customer base.

But finding your passion takes time. Figure out what you are truly passionate about and run with it. Think: what makes you tick? Trust your intuition and your gut instincts and ensure that any marketing firm you use is aware of your vision, your long-term objectives, in essence, your soul.

After that, you need to find a company that can combine all of these elements into a coherent artform and sell your company with the same vigour that you do.

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