Linkedin social media marketing

Markateur can provide you with the following services:

  • Linkedin Page creation
  • Get more LinkedIn connections
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • LinkedIn content
  • LinkedIn Group creation

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to network with other businesses and professionals.

However, it is different from other social media platforms in that the way you socialise to a B2B audience is very different to how you would interact with a BTC audience on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Many businesses make the mistake of bombarding LinkedIn users with adverts due to it being a commercial audience.

The other common strategy is to set up LinkedIn Groups that do not address the specific needs of the people that are being invited.

However, these are mistaken tactics. The key to successful networking on LinkedIn is similar to how you would network offline.

You first need to get to know more about your LinkedIn connections online and find out who their key influencers are and what their pain points are.

Then you need to target them with content that is going to provide value.

At Markateur we help you do just that. Providing valuable content that will guarantee the success of any advert, or group you set up over LinkedIn is what we do best.

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