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One of the most effective ways to engage consumers is through using visual content, such as infographics.

It is scientifically proven that our brains do less work to digest visual content while statistics show that infographics drive more traffic and engagement than plain text does.

The marketing landscape is changing and almost every social network – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, to name but a few, has had to adapt their services to make way for new pieces of visual content.

But by far the most effective way to boost reach, engagement, and sales is by using an infographic such as the one below.

The problem is that designing an infographic is time-consuming, and difficult to do properly.

Although many organisations use infographics, few can create a professional one that is going to be effective in driving sales.

That’s what Markateur is here for. Our production team can design the perfect infographic, that will help to dramatically drive sales at your business.

We have helped many happy customers to design powerful and dynamic infographics that dramatically alter their customer’s perception of their business – and we can do the same for you too.

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Check out our infographic below, for more facts and figures on how infographics can help drive engagement at your business.

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