Importance of marketing in the digital age

The importance of having excellent customer service cannot be understated.

Nowadays most companies are working towards developing or expanding their digital presence online.

Social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook have provided an open forum for companies to advertise themselves and draw in new customers.

However, it is also a platform where consumers can either make or break a company through the type of feedback they give.

One oversight or incident can start off a whole chain reaction of negative feedback online, which could seriously damage the reputation of a company.

Therefore it is important that firms take steps to ensure that each touchpoint a customer has with your organisation is anticipated, relevant, effortless and consistent.

It is important for companies to remember that beyond direct customer acquisition, marketing is increasingly responsible for the entire customer experience.

In fact, 91 per cent of companies say that their marketing teams have a strong executive voice.

Therefore, a customer retention strategy must be built into that, and firms should not lose touch with their core customer base.

In a digital age, it is clear that not only must firms keep ahead of the competition and stay relevant, it is also necessary to have continually meet the changing needs and requirements of their clients in order to stay afloat in the digital age.

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