FAQs (Proofreadings & Copy-editing)

Our proofreading team at Markateur offer specialist proofreading and copy-editing services that are highlighted on this page.

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There is a very fine line between proofreading and copy-editing and actually, the two services are different.

Below, we explain the main differences between the two and answer other questions regarding our services.

How does the process of proofreading work?

A client sends in proofs or draft web pages. These are usually the last chance to see everything – words, footnotes, images, graphs, tables – integrated with the design before going public. Now the work is largely fixed and changes are limited.

Our proofreaders then use their expertise, skills and knowledge to check the completed document, correct mistakes, mark amendments in order to optimise the result while minimising cost of production and delay to publication.

Our proofreaders offer the following services:

  • Compare the proofs to the edited copy
  • Ensure that illustrations, captions and labels correspond with each other and with the text
  • Highlight any omissions or inconsistencies
  • Check the content is logically arranged
  • Ensure consistent styles
  • Check the table of contents
  • Identify necessary changes and mark the proof (on paper or screen) using British Standards Institution (BSI) marks or another agreed method.
  • Eliminate unclear or confusing word, column and page breaks
  • Collate the author’s changes with others, including their own, rationalising or querying conflicting advice
  • Review and insert cross references where necessary
  • Review the need for changes in view of the budget and schedule – changing or omitting just one word can have a significant and drastic effect on the content

What is NOT included in the proofreading service?

Copy-editing. If extensive changes are needed, our proofreading will get in touch with you to discuss what your options are

Obtaining copyright permissions – the necessary permissions to use images or quotations should be gained before sending your submissions

Indexing – please refer to the Society of Indexers who can advise you of where to find a good indexing service

Although our proofreaders do have many of the skills listed above, these do require a separate service and are not included in the price of the proofreading service

What does a copy-editor do?

Our copy-editing team offer the following services:

  • Check that the work is consistent and complete
  • Correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, style and usage
  • Query and correct long sentences, overuse of italic, bold, capitals, exclamation marks and the passive voice
  • Our copy-editing team will also identify and fix dubious facts, weak arguments, gaps in numbering and plot holes
  • Ensuring consistency in fictional stories and ensuring that the description of characters and the timeline remain consistent

Our copy-editing team will also check and review the following:

  • The presentation of information
  • Content and format
  • Wording
  • Legal issues – our copy-editing team will identify any instances of:
  • Copyright breaches, libel, incitement and obscenity
  • Technical issues – this includes things such as page breaks, special characters, types of image, etc
  • Length – our copy-editing team will identify whether your work is too long or too short

What is NOT included in the copy-editing service:

  • Extensive rewrites or restructuring
  • Obtaining copyright permissions
  • Ghostwriting
  • Project management
  • Research or fact checking. We can identify and highlight errors in your research but we do not undertake the research ourselves
  • Design and production
  • Picture research

How much does it cost?


We charge a flat fixed-rate fee of £10 per 1,000 words


We charge a fee of £13 per hour

Our highly competitive and affordable prices reflect the amount of work that needs to be put in on each specific submission.

Proofreading takes less time than copy-editing and therefore has a lower cost.

Please feel free to send in a sample of the work you intend to submit and we will be happy to send you a free, no-obligation quote, usually on the same day. We will also consider any special requirements you may have.

You can also call us on: 078606 23 923 or 0113 2491945