Email marketing tests boost business benefits

Companies which regularly test their email marketing strategies benefit from significant returns on investment (ROI), according to a new study.

¬†Econsultancy, in their Email Marketing Industry Census 2012 revealed that 81 per cent of those who carry out regular testing say their ROI from email is “excellent” or “good”.

This compares to 37 per cent among those who “don’t test”, 65 per cent for those who do “infrequent” testing, and 72 per cent for those who do “occasional” testing.

The census also found that companies are more likely to yield financial benefits if they merge their email activity with other areas, such as sales.

Econsultancy research director, Linus Gregoriadis, said: “This research has given us an unparalleled opportunity to observe the trends and changes within the industry over the past five years.

“This year, for the first time, we have shown that companies observing some basic best practices are reaping the rewards when it comes to ROI from email marketing.”

But despite the obvious benefits of regularly testing email marketing campaigns, just 31 per cent of companies surveyed do this at present.

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