Public Relations

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PR Services

Our PR services include:

  • Comprehensive and dynamic Media and Communications strategies
  • Press release writing service
  • Publicity and promotional event management
  • Branding and media statements

It is difficult to get the attention of the media nowadays. I can tell you as a former journalist that of the hundreds of press releases that got dumped into our inbox in any one week, only about 5 would make it out in good shape.

Then we’d get the PR and marketing officers calling us up from organisations all over the UK asking if we’d received their press releases or if we were interested in some event they were hosting.

The answer was usually no.


The truth is, that most press releases simply do not make the cut. And most of the time, the way PR officers approached us in the vain hopes of getting a story published was simply off-putting.

Markateur: A powerful and effective Digital PR Agency

Now as the leader of a boutique marketing agency – Markateur, I take pride in the fact that we are immensely successful in promoting our clients in newspapers, trade journals, magazines and other publications.

As a former journalist, I have the inside “scoop” on what makes a good story. And I make absolutely certain that anybody who comes to work for me has an in-depth understanding and experience of both journalism and marketing.

After having seen the inside of many newsrooms across the UK, I know that it takes more than just a press release and a friendly phone call to get the attention of the media.

At Markateur, we work and network closely with members of the press, rather than just approaching them off the cuff and hoping they’ll take the bait.

By getting to know your business and formulating a powerful PR strategy around that, we’ll guarantee that your business gets the exposure it needs.

We have a vast network of contacts from industry trade journals and newspapers that we regularly liaise with and this is one of the reasons why we are in a unique position to get our clients noticed over and above their rivals.

For more information on how we can help you to promote your business, contact us on:

You can also call us on: 078606 23 923 or 0113 2491945.