7 tricks for producing powerful marketing messages

Producing powerful marketing messages is far from easy. It takes a certain amount of prior planning, and dedication.

A successful marketer will be able to competently tap into the needs and desires of their audience and target their ads accordingly.

Below, we show you 7 tricks for making the most of your marketing strategy.

Highlight your USPs

Highlight your unique selling points or USPs in order to give you the edge over any competition.

Remember that in order to be successful, you must be offering something different from your rivals.

Be sure to put your most potent line right at the very beginning – your busy audience may not read all the way to the end.

Set your goals

In order to be truly successful at marketing, you will first need to determine what your goals are. It is only once you have decided what you main objectives are, that you will then be in a position to work towards them.

Failing to do this as a first step can result in a lack of direction and will mean that you are less likely to get the result that you want.

Create an effective marketing strategy

Once you have decided what your goals are, you then need to spend some time creating an effective marketing strategy.

You will also need to identify the methods you will use for identifying that strategy. In addition, you should think about these carefully to ensure that you meet your target goal effectively.

Motivate your prospective customers

Here, you need to read what you have produced and apply the ‘so what?’ test. In other words, you need to convince your customers that your content is worth reading.

“If, after reviewing your copy, you think the target audience would just respond with ‘So what?’ then keep rewrit­ing until they’ll say something like, “‘That’s exactly what I’m looking for. How do I get it?’”

Tap into the common desires

A successful advert helps to address some of the common drivers:

Fear, greed, flattery, anger, exclusivity or salvation. If your advert does not tap into one of those, then it is unlikely to be as effective.

Research your audience

Knowing your audience is essential and you have to be familiar with what drives them.

The best way to get information on what drives your clientele is to survey them or simply speak to them to find out what their needs are.

Write in a natural way

Write the same way people talk. Nobody wants to read pages and pages of boring sales jargon, so make sure you are addressing your audience in a way that they can understand.



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