7 of the Best B2B Landing Page Examples

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Are you trying to put together an online marketing strategy to improve your B2B business leads and conversion? Or perhaps you want to draw your prospects down the customer funnel by making an appealing offer? 

If so, then read on to learn about the best B2B landing page examples. The examples will give you all the inspiration you need to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

What is a B2B landing page?

A B2B landing page is a standalone page on a business website. It is designed to capture leads and provide information on a specific product, campaign, or service feature. The B2B businesses draw traffic to these pages and persuasively direct prospective clients to take an action and learn more about the business.

The action may include the filling of a form to provide contact information. Alternatively, it may include invitation to podcasts or webinars hosted by a B2B business. Other landing pages may include eBook offers, free trials, company updates, or videos.

Landing pages are designed to help your B2B website and pages rank high for the terms they’re optimised for under SEO. They will often be the first page consumers see after clicking links in blogs, ads, emails, social media, and other platforms.

As such, online content loaded with links is an essential marketing tool on a landing page or other web pages. This is why 91% of B2B marketers cite content marketing as one of the most important aspects of their digital strategy.

Typically, landing pages have fewer links, and they’re more focused than the website’s homepages. Unlike the homepage, which often has more links that may draw a prospective client away from the calls to action (CTA), the landing page often only has one CTA.

Why Is A Landing Page Important For Your Business?

Building a brand and designing a website that represents your brand well is challenging for many businesses. But for your online marketing strategy to be effective, you should ensure your hard work leads to sales. 

The best B2B landing page examples demonstrate just how easy it is to rapidly generate sales by following established content marketing principles. 

Landing pages can build your brand by improving search engine optimisation and driving traffic to your website. According to the research institute, Marketing Sherpa, an estimated 68% of B2B businesses generate leads from their landing pages.

Below are some other advantages of creating a B2B landing page.

Generate Leads

You can capture leads at a much faster rate by sending prospects to target landing pages. This makes it easy to segment, nurture, or distribute to your sales team. Statistics published by Wordstream revealed that landing pages across all industries can achieve an average conversion rate of almost 10%.

Connect With Specific Audiences

The homepage in a B2B business website is a good marketing tool. However, it usually has lots of general information that isn’t helpful for capturing leads from specific prospects. A B2B business often has many target audience groups with varying needs.

Generally speaking, homepages on websites are meant to reach out to a broad audience. On the other hand, landing pages are designed for a very specific segment of your prospects. This makes it easier to connect with warm leads that are likely to invest in your products and services. 

The best B2B landing page examples contain more specific messaging tailored in a bespoke way to reach a specific niche of clients.

Builds Trust

Many prospective clients may find it hard to discern whether the offer made in an outbound sales activity is legitimate or value-adding. But the use of social proof in a landing page helps to build trust. Incorporating social proof, could include testimonials, case studies, or reviews from third-party sources.

Social proof builds better credibility for your B2B business when prospective clients see what current consumers think about your offered products and services. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, nine out of ten consumers read consumer reviews before buying any item.

An additional 60% of these customers will avoid businesses that censor customer reviews. As such, social proof is essential in order to grow trust in your brand.

Learn More about Prospective Clients

Landing pages help your B2B business track valuable metrics that improve your understanding of the prospective clients and the performance of the page. 

These metrics can include the average time the prospect spends on the page. It can also analyse bounce rate, conversion rate and pages per session. It may also include traffic source, and the number of views of the landing page.

These metrics help you understand what is or isn’t working. They also help you to develop a better understanding of your leads by analysing their interaction with the page. This will help you to determine how you can proceed with them in the conversion process.

Get High-Quality Leads

Including comprehensive information on your offers ensures that you’re highly likely to get a high-quality lead whenever you accept a discovery call. An ideal landing page will help visitors to quickly drop out if they are not the right fit for your business. This means that you will not waste time chasing prospects that will not generate enough revenue. 

The best B2B landing page examples will filter out such visitors and only let the high-quality leads reach your funnel once they hit the CTA link.

24/7 Access to Prospective Clients

A landing page will continue to capture leads long after you have left the office. Regardless of what you are doing, prospects can discover your page at any time and progress through your sales funnel.

Top 7 of The Best B2B Landing Page Examples

Effective landing pages should lead to high conversion rates and provide important information to a prospective client. 

Below, we have handpicked the best B2B landing page examples from businesses that became household names by creating highly-targeted content.

1. Zoho CRM Landing Page

The Zoho CRM landing page is an ideal landing page because it provides audio-visual demonstrations. The demonstrations make it easy for prospective clients to understand how their software works. They also have social proof and have included the logos of large corporations they have served

It has one clear call to action that visually stands out from the rest of the content on the page. The landing page also has impressive statistics regarding the number of global businesses Zoho has worked with. This serves as further social proof. 

2. Shopify

The Shopify online landing page is an ideal landing page that uses text and pictures to highlight its service with short, descriptive text and clear pictures for visuals. The page also uses the social proof strategy where it provides statistics on how other businesses trust Shopify.

The page also keeps the ‘start free trial’ CTA near the top of the fold. This helps to take the clients down the customer funnel of conversion if they’re ready to act now, without having to scroll to the bottom of the page.

3. The Boojoy Leggings Landing Page

The Boojoy leggings landing page is an ideal landing page that presents the Boojoy leggings offers and their benefits. It also highlights the discounted offer of 50% and free shipment. The landing page doesn’t leave its prospective clients in the dark.

It offers a detailed list of all the offer benefits and gives a clickable link (in red) to the discounted offer. All of this leads the visitors to the purchase page where it prompts them for further purchase details.

4. The Osprey Legal Accounting Case And Practice Management Software

The Osprey legal accounting case and practice management software landing page goes straight into explaining the benefits of its software. It highlights the benefits succinctly and provides links that demonstrate its use. The links capture prospects that seek to download a detailed product brochure or get help on the site.

5. Coral

7 best b2b landing page examples, Coral

The Coral landing page is clear and concise. The page reveals the challenges that clients undergo when seeking to sign up with a new bookie. It also provides comparative offers from different betting companies.

The landing page provides details of a clear offer that is highlighted near the top to entice prospects. To improve credibility, and show that they are a trusted partner, the page shows how many good reviews Coral received as a company.

6. SeedProd Landing Page

Seedprod landing page

The SeedProd landing page highlights the benefits and use of the drag and drop WordPress site builder. Apart from listing the use and benefits, the page entices the prospects by providing a coupon code and a CTA link on the top part of the page. This prompts clients to take advantage of the discount and get the builder from the Get SeedPro Now link.

7. The Alibaba Landing Page On Mojo Fishing Rod Offers

The Alibaba landing page provides information and purchase details on Mojo fishing lines. The landing page displays videos that show the product features. It also features a clear descriptive feature list that highlights all of the features of the fishing rod.

The detailed descriptions also include prices of the fishing rods, and customer reviews for social proof at the bottom of the page. The reviews build credibility when the actual clients give positive feedback on their purchases. The landing page also includes a CTA on the left prompting prospects to signup and place an online order.

Its incorporation of audio-visual content, clear pictures, and descriptions make it one of the best B2B landing page examples that helps shoppers know the exact features of the offer and the pricing.

How To Create A Brilliant B2B Landing Page

The internet has millions of web pages, numerous offers, and a sizable chunk of scam websites. As such, online visitors don’t have much time to linger on a site or page that is presumed to be less beneficial.

The landing page of your B2B business is perhaps the first place that your prospective clients will land when looking for what you offer. But they’re less likely to stay on the page for too long if it doesn’t appear simple, trustworthy, and easy to navigate.

Holding the attention of your online visitors for long enough to persuade them to take action may take additional effort. But such effort is worthwhile if it helps you to scale your business and generate additional sales.

Here are insightful tips on how to build a perfect landing page that can increase conversions:

Focus On The Customers

Your prospective clients are visiting your landing page for a reason – which is to learn about your offers and benefits. Giving them too much information that isn’t related to the offer can distract them and make them leave before seeing what you’re offering. Don’t use your B2B business landing page to review the company’s history or mission.

Instead, briefly present your brand and go straight to the details of the offer to avoid losing potential prospects.

Limit Landing Page Navigation To The CTA

Lots of clickables may lead your prospects away from the landing page and its important message. As such, limit the number of links on the landing page. Where possible, let all of them lead to the ultimate call-to-action that’s intended for the landing page.

Reduce The Length Of Your Online Landing Page Forms

Many of the best B2B landing page examples use forms to gather some important contact information from prospects. Asking for too much information from prospective clients or presenting lengthy forms to prospects may discourage them from proceeding. If they abandon your offer, then you won’t get them to progress down the customer funnel.

As such, ask for essential information only. You can also break the form into short sections so that the prospects can see where they are in the process of completing the form.

Include Multimedia

People seeking for products are more visual and they’d prefer video format content that is quick and easy to understand. Unlike other media-poor platforms, landing pages give your B2B business an opportunity to use different types of media. This includes animations, GIFs, audio, video, and text content.

Research published by Forbes showed that 74% of marketing firms use a mix of media such as text and infographics. An additional 84% of them find them to be effective. The ability to use all these forms of media on a landing page allows you to demonstrate and explain your company’s product or service offers in a detailed, distinct, and appealing way. 

Collect Important Visitor Information

Information from a landing page form can help your B2B business to understand your prospective clients in greater detail. This is why you should create attractive offers in exchange for names and email addresses. All of this will allow you to contact your prospect again in the future. 

Use Video

Using rich media content such as videos on a landing page may increase conversions. In fact, using videos on a landing page can lead to an 80% boost in leads. Creating videos doesn’t have to be difficult either. In fact, there are many affordable online sites where you can find contractors to create videos for you.

Keep it Short

The best B2B landing page examples contain lots of media, persuasive copy and audio-visual content. It is essential to highlight the value of your products in as few words as possible. 

Put Your CTA Above The Fold

Creating long landing pages can dramatically increase the number of leads you generate. According to analysis by research group, Marketing Experiments, long landing pages may increase lead conversion rates by 220%, when they’re used well. To increase the effectiveness of your landing page, consider putting your CTA above the fold. Doing this will ensure that it’s the first thing that visitors will see when they land on your page.

Thank Your Visitors

Let your visitors know how much you appreciate them by posting a thank you message that is designed to show up whenever they complete a desired action.

Including a quick thank you message can increase positive perceptions about your brand, according to market intelligence firm AYTM. It found that 81% of consumers believe that including thank you notes is an important way to show appreciation. A further 80% said they appreciate receiving thank you notes from others.

The key thing to remember with thank you messages is to keep it genuine, short and to the point.

Final Thoughts:

We are in a world that is connected digitally. Findings from Pew Research reveal that 85% of adults go online on a daily basis. The findings imply online marketing can help brands reach a broad global audience in a matter of weeks.

This is why creating a bold digital marketing campaign, complete with lead-capturing landing pages is a great investment. As we have seen, landing pages have been used by businesses across a spectrum of industries to increase sales exponentially.

However, while it is useful to learn from some of the best B2B landing page examples included above, a landing page should be unique to your company.

Remember, it is your originality and unique selling points that will set your brand apart from the competition. 

When you combine the bespoke nature of your business with established marketing principles to boost conversions, the likelihood of success will increase.

How Markateur Can Help You Create The Best B2B Landing Pages

Now that you know the benefits and essential inclusions of a landing page, it’s time to learn how you can get help when designing  landing pages for your business.

Markateur is a leading Leeds marketing agency that boasts of years of experience in the industry. The firm creates persuasive and informative content that shows the true value of what a B2B company can offer. Perfect products can’t sell if prospective clients can’t discern their value.

It’s for this reason that you need Markateur. We provide persuasive content that reveals the true value of your products and services to prospective clients.

Apart from creating relevant and value adding landing page content, Markateur may also provide you with other copywriting services. This includes blog content, white papers, adverts, and press releases.

We conduct research that allows potential customers to understand the unique value that our clients provide. It also integrates this information into your business’ marketing plan to make sure that you get content that is customised to meet your brand’s image and requirements.

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