5 top marketing tricks to boost your business

Promoting your product for the very first time can be more than a little challenging for the newcomer.

However, the importance of marketing your product effectively cannot be overstated.

If you want to boost your advertising skills and productivity as a brand new entrepreneur, then follow my top tips below to get your business off to a flying start in no time!

Harness the power of social media

Social media is a great way to advertise your business – for free! However, there are certain unwritten rules you must follow in order to be a success.

One rule of thumb is not to ram your products down your audience’s throat. So you’ve got a fantastic new product that will have everyone rushing to the stores. Great.

But rather than writing ten posts about how great your product is, it is much better to focus on building up a relationship with your readers first through thoughtful and engaging posts, rather than going straight in for the kill.

And when it comes to likes, if a person or company likes or follows you, it is always a good idea to return the favour. Some companies even use software to track who has returned their likes and will automatically unfollow anyone who hasn’t observed this basic digital courtesy. Remember, a like online can very quickly translate to a ‘like’ in-store.

Give value

People naturally appreciate things that will make their lives easier. Therefore, sharing little tidbits of information is always likely to be highly appreciated by your customers. When you appeal to the self-interests of customers, rather than simply focussing on your own promotions, they are much more likely to respond in a positive way.


Having a beautiful website that is not optimised for SEO is a bit like having a boutique shop in town that no-one knows how to get to.

If you really want to pull in the customers, you will need to ensure that your website, social media posts and any copy you produce is highly optimised for SEO.


Who are your customers? What are their demographics? What are their pet peeves, likes and dislikes? What makes them tick? Do you know? If not, then make it your business to find out.

Whether you do this through surveys, vox pops or anonymous questionnaires it is essential that you know your customer base as well as you know your product. Once you know who you are dealing with, then you can design targeted ads, that are more likely to grab their attention.


If you want to maintain your customer’s interest, be sure to update your social media sites and website regularly. Not only does it keep your website optimised, it also shows your customers that you are still open and ready for business.


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